When the financial industry starts to shut down, the economy loses, Paul Krugman says

Paul Krugman has a new book out, and he’s not taking no for an answer.

In his new book, “The Second Coming of the Financial Industry,” the Nobel Prize-winning economist says that the global financial industry will eventually fail.

But, he says, that’s not what’s happening.

Instead, we’re losing jobs, wages and wealth to a global system of finance that’s fundamentally different than anything we’ve seen before.

I think the financial sector has been a disaster for the United States and the world, Krugman said in an interview Thursday.

The U.S. economy lost more than 3 million jobs in November, a year after a strong start to the year.

The economy lost another 2.5 million in January.

In all, the financial service sector lost more jobs than the entire U.K. economy in January, according to the British Statistical Authority.

Krugman says that is the largest monthly loss of jobs in American history.

He also says the U.k. economy is on track to have the largest job loss since the Great Depression.

The financial industry employs about 9 million people worldwide, according a recent report from the Financial Services Industry Association, which represents nearly 300 large U.s. banks.

The industry employs roughly 12.5% of all Americans.

Krugman argues that the industry’s problems are the result of government policy.

For decades, the government has encouraged financial institutions to engage in risky lending and reckless lending that resulted in losses to the public purse.

The banking system has become so interconnected and so interconnected that no one institution can escape responsibility for the damage caused by its failures, he said.

That’s what the U and the rest of the world are going to have to accept if we’re going to survive.

“It’s going to take some time for the system to recover, and I don’t think we’ll get there anytime soon,” he said in a telephone interview.

But the big financial institutions have learned from the past mistakes, he added.

The problems started in 2008 when the global economy collapsed, Krugman wrote.

The banks went belly up, with losses totaling nearly $1 trillion, he wrote.

A year later, as the U

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