Financial industry faces financial industry ethics backlash

A financial industry executive who is under fire for failing to disclose that he was paid $2 million to attend a conference at a Las Vegas resort was named CEO of a new startup company that focuses on ethics.

Curtis J. Williams, the founder of a startup called Financial Industrial Leaders Corp., was named chief executive of the new company Monday.

The startup was created to help companies navigate the ethical pitfalls that come with their business dealings with the financial industry.

Williams is also the CEO of The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, which was created by the Dodd-Frank financial reform law.

In a statement, Williams said he will focus on promoting ethical and sustainable practices across the financial services industry.

He said he is not beholden to any specific company or business, and will use his experience in the financial sector to help others.

Williams said he hopes to create a platform for ethical financial industry leadership, and that he wants to continue working with a variety of different companies.

Williams’ company is known for partnering with the largest financial institutions, and also works with some of the country’s biggest law firms.

He said the company is not in the same league as traditional investment banks, but has a strong ethical focus.

Williams also has connections to the tech sector.

In 2012, Williams founded a startup that helps banks track the data on millions of users of its mobile apps.

That same year, Williams was named chairman of the board of Tesla Motors, the electric carmaker that he founded with fellow entrepreneur Elon Musk.

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