India, France, US and the EU agree to increase capital investments in India’s e-commerce sector

Finance, the e-tail, and the pharmaceutical industry have been the most important sectors in the global economy since the dawn of the digital era.

They’ve been at the forefront of major technological innovations, and have driven innovation in industries from energy to healthcare.

But, as the digital economy evolves, the role of finance in its evolution is changing too.

The European Union has set up a $500 million fund to help India become a financial hub, a major change in its position from the U.S. that sees a $50 billion fund for technology-enabled startups.

It’s also the first time the EU has offered funds to an Indian company to help it grow.

India is also working on a $3 billion fund to build a new financial hub that would serve the ecommerce sector.

It is also building a new infrastructure to connect e-governance to e-retail and to the financial sector.

This is the third such financial hub set up in India.

India’s ecommerce, e-payment and payments infrastructure is booming.

In the last year, it has doubled its number of online shops and added more than 1,500 new companies.

More than $60 billion of digital payments has been sent through Indian banks.

The country’s digital payment network, Paytm, has more than a million merchants accepting more than 100 million payments per day.

Indian startups are also developing innovative products that help businesses across the country meet their customers needs.

India has been a leader in digital payments and payments in emerging markets.

The government has supported digital payments by setting up its Digital Payments Corporation of India (DPCI), which handles digital payments for businesses and consumers.

DPCI also set up an e-payments portal, where companies can accept payment via credit cards, debit cards and cash.

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