Industry groups fight to prevent Trump’s trade agenda

By MICHAEL R. WASHINGTON — Industry groups are pushing to prevent President Donald Trump’s executive order on trade in goods from taking effect.

In a letter sent Friday, the American Petroleum Institute and the National Mining Association, two industry trade groups, said Trump’s proposal will undermine “America’s commitment to its trade partners, undercut American innovation and jeopardize the environment.”

The letter was signed by more than 70 industry groups.

The administration’s proposed trade deals with China and Vietnam, which would require U.S. negotiators to seek international standards for their products, have been opposed by some industries.

The letter said Trump “would make the United States less competitive in the global economy by imposing unnecessary and unnecessary trade barriers.”

It said the proposed agreement with Vietnam “would also increase U.P. exports to Vietnam by 10% and the average tariff on Vietnamese exports would be $30 per ton, more than double the U.L.O. average tariff.”

Trump’s executive orders are expected to become law within days, which could be a major hurdle for a legislative push to undo them.

A senior administration official said the administration is working to resolve the issue.

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