How the Chinese Investment Banking Industry’s Biggest Investor Turned into a Huge Hit in the Philippines

China’s financial industry has taken on an extraordinary life, with the country’s largest investment bank now in the news after its founder left to pursue his new business.

That’s not the only investor to leave his old post, either.

This year, the country has seen a slew of exits, including the former chief executive of BNP Paribas, and its largest state-owned bank, China Construction Bank.

And there’s another bank in the mix.

On Monday, the National Bureau of Statistics reported that the China Development Bank (CDB) raised $1.1 billion in the fourth quarter, with some $2.6 billion of that coming from new investors.

The biggest new investor was China Pacific Securities Co., which raised $800 million in the same period.

CDB said in a statement that it had become the biggest new investment bank in Asia.

The bank’s new investment arm is the largest Chinese private equity company in history, with a valuation of about $3.8 billion, according to Bloomberg.

While CDB is the biggest investment bank for a Chinese investor, the move may not have come as a surprise to its clients.

In a 2015 research note, investment banking consultancy KPMG said that China’s “investment-friendly” policy was a “major driver of growth” in Chinese companies, including those that were “losing market share to Western firms.”

The bank is known for its high standards, and it has an aggressive corporate culture that is seen as a key to its success.

“There are so many examples of Chinese companies that were once a national brand that are now in a state of disrepair and are trying to be rescued by foreign investors,” says Kevin Hu, a professor at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management.

Hu says China’s investment banking culture has been one of the reasons why its companies have done so well in recent years.

“The Chinese government has made it a priority to be very transparent about its own investment decisions and the success of its investments, and to be more inclusive and transparent about those investments,” he says.

CMB’s new headquarters will be in Beijing.

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