Trump’s tax plan won’t bring back the coal industry

President Donald Trump’s proposed tax cuts for the mining, power, and other industries would be a major blow to the coal and oil industries, according to a report from the Center for American Progress.

Trump has repeatedly pledged to repeal the Obama-era rules aimed at limiting emissions from coal-fired power plants.

The tax plan would only increase emissions from power plants by a small amount, according the report.

The report also found that the bill would increase carbon emissions from the coal sector by about 2 percent.

The carbon emissions increase would mostly be due to increased coal use in the U.S., as coal plants are required to emit more CO2.

But the coal industries would still see their emissions rise, due to lower prices for electricity.

“The coal industry’s ability to generate electricity, despite the administration’s efforts to limit emissions, would remain intact,” said the report, which was released Monday.

“It’s the kind of business that would not have been able to operate without a tax increase.”

The Center for Responsive Politics, a liberal think tank, also found Trump’s proposal would increase the carbon pollution that is emitted from coal plants.

“Coal has a long history of contributing to climate change, and the tax plan that Congress approved in December would likely exacerbate the problem by exacerbating climate change and increasing the cost of coal power plants,” the report said.

“That is why the American people are skeptical of the administration, and they are right to be.”