‘Frozen’ director talks about ‘deeply flawed’ film industry

The first trailer for “Frozen” debuted on the Disney Channel on Tuesday.

It was accompanied by a video introducing a new Disney Channel show called “The Ice Crew.”

The first trailer features Anna and Elsa as the Snow Queen, Queen Elsa and her daughter, Anna.

Elsa has been absent from the Frozen world for nearly 20 years.

Her absence was blamed on the coronavirus pandemic and caused her to lose her powers.

But it also led to the birth of Elsa’s daughter, Elsa.

The Frozen franchise has also had many critics, with some fans arguing the film has little connection to real-life events.

Disney Channel has a lot of different things that are different from the real world, which is why this trailer was so well received, Disney spokeswoman Jennifer Kugel said.

“It’s a very different experience and a very fresh way to look at this world,” she said.

“We want to tell stories that tell a story, and we also want to present them in a way that is interesting and engaging,” Kugels said.

The trailer also features an animated sequence, which depicts what it would be like to have a family.

The movie opens in theaters in March.

It stars Kristen Bell as Anna and Josh Gad as Elsa.