How to read the financial market report: Here’s how to make sense of the numbers

The market was down about 2.6% for the year as the markets in the United States, Europe and China saw some of their biggest one-day declines in months.

That was followed by a drop of about 0.2% in Japan.

The U.S. stock market lost about 0% for 2018 as well.

Here are the main indicators for the U.K. market:Investors have been anticipating the Bank of England to cut interest rates, but a number of economic forecasts are not expected to change.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained about 654 points on Tuesday.

The S&P 500 index climbed about 1,600 points, and the Nasdaq composite rose 1,300 points.

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article The U: S&amps stock market dropped more than 1% for a second straight day Tuesday.

In its worst-ever drop since the financial crisis, it lost nearly 5% of its value since the start of the year.

The market has fallen nearly 50% from its peak of $14,500 in late October.

It’s now down about 3% from the peak of the last recession in 2007.

That’s the worst run since 1929.

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