How to avoid a financial industry cyber attack

The most effective way to protect yourself from financial industry attacks is to be a little more careful.

As one of the world’s most successful finance and asset management companies, MasterCard is a financial institution that is well-known for being highly skilled and professional.

But in the recent financial cyber-attacks on the financial industry, Mastercard has come under fire.

In early July, the company was hacked to collect personal information from approximately 1.2 million people, including credit card numbers, address and payment details.

According to reports, the hack was perpetrated by a Chinese hacker group known as the Chinese military.

The attack was carried out by the “Xinhua Group” — an organization of China’s state-sponsored hackers known as The Xinhua Group.

In response to the hack, Master Card announced a security update that would add a new feature called “Payment Protection” that would prevent the use of your credit card to make unauthorized purchases.

It was also supposed to prevent the unauthorized use of credit cards to make payments to unauthorized third parties, such as merchants, financial institutions and payment service providers.

MasterCard said in a statement that the update would not affect existing customers.

MasterCard is well aware that it has not been immune to cyber-security attacks.

In October, a group of hackers broke into the company’s network and stole more than 200 million credit card records, including passwords, payment card numbers and account information.

The group also gained access to the company credit-card-processing systems and used those credentials to make fraudulent purchases.

In December, another group of attackers broke into MasterCard’s network, stealing more than 150 million credit-cards and credit-records from more than 2 million customers.

The attackers were also able to use those credentials for fraudulent purchases, including purchases made on MasterCard-branded cards.

In addition, MasterCar is known to be vulnerable to malware.

In December, a security researcher published a detailed analysis of malware code used by malware groups and groups operating from inside China to attack the company.

The report said that, in a single instance, malware from the Chinese government had been used to infect a few hundred computers and spread ransomware that was able to take control of a computer.

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