The financial industry is no longer a black hole for investors

TechRadars article The financial sector is no more a black void for investors, according to a report released this week.

According to the report, the sector lost more than $200bn in 2016.

The report, which surveyed more than 300 analysts from financial services firms, found that only one in four respondents had a position in the sector, while investors were only four in 10.

While the report did note that a number of financial institutions are looking to raise funding to invest in new technology, the report noted that a majority of respondents were in favour of the government’s plans to rein in the industry, with just a quarter of respondents in favour.

“While the industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, the underlying fundamentals have not changed significantly, and it is not clear that these changes have been made to attract and retain talent,” the report stated.

A number of companies, including hedge funds, have been looking to take a greater share of the market in recent months.

The report also pointed to the rise in capitalisation by hedge funds and mutual funds.

For more:The UK Financial Services Authority has published a report which says that the sector is “disappearing into the background”.

The report found that the financial sector had lost $1.5tn over the past two decades, with nearly 80 per cent of the losses attributed to “external factors”.

It added that the “financial industry is being increasingly seen as a service sector, a new industry with low levels of competition, and the market as a whole is shifting to services.”

The UK has a large amount of investment in the financial industry, but the report found a number companies are also looking to invest into new technology to gain a bigger share of market share.

This has led to a number different sectors of the financial services sector taking up investments in robotics, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence and robotics, autonomous vehicles, cloud computing and AI-enabled payments.

More to come…

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