FINANCIANS IN AUSTRALIA and FINANCIA, the world’s largest financial institutions, are currently in talks to establish a training program that could lead to hundreds of jobs for people with no financial background.

Key points:AUSTRALIAN FINANCIER, who wants to be known as The Master of Financial Services, has launched a website offering the industry’s best training program for people without a financial backgroundAn independent panel will advise the industry on how best to promote the skills and experience of people without financial backgrounds in AustraliaFinancial firms have long faced a shortage of qualified people with financial skills, but a lack of funding has been a major barrier.

“I don’t think there is anyone with a financial experience that can be a professional and be in the profession of financial services,” one of the world the world leaders in financial services.

“There’s no shortage of people who are not going to be able to put their skills to work in the industry,” Mr Nisbet said.

“So, what we’ve tried to do with this website is put together a training programme to get people up to speed with the industry.”

We’ve got about 500 people on the website that are working as financial analysts and financial engineers.

Mr Nisbets website, titled Master of Finance, is now online, but he said it was not a new venture.””

It’s the people who actually work in a bank, and the people that work in other industries, they’re not really interested in the financial industry, they want to go into other industries.”

Mr Nisbets website, titled Master of Finance, is now online, but he said it was not a new venture.

“It’s a great website that I think has the potential to be very big, because we’re seeing so many people coming through, and if we can get people through to the top of the chain, it will have a huge impact,” he said.

Mr Nesbet said he hoped that the training could be a stepping stone for other industries to provide more training to people without finance experience.

“In my view, it’s about getting more people into the industry and getting them to have the same kind of training that we have,” he told RN Breakfast.

“And I think that’s what we’re trying to do here, and hopefully we can also take that next step of the next stage, which is a bit of a recruitment programme.”

Mr Fink said he would not be surprised if the industry came up with a training package that included all the industry-leading people with a background.

“You don’t need to be a financial analyst, you don’t have to be an economist, you can just be a finance person,” he explained.

“These people are just so incredibly qualified and so much work is put into them that it’s just amazing what they’re able to do.”

They can come up with some really exciting ideas, and some really fantastic ideas for their customers.

“Mr Fisher said that the industry would need to do a better job of attracting financial professionals with no background.

The Industry Association of Australia (IAA) said it supported the idea, and would look at it further.”

As a matter of course, the IAA is fully supportive of a financial industry-wide training initiative,” IAA chief executive Steve O’Neil said.

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