Which healthcare industry has the highest share of opioid users?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that, based on data from a survey by the Bendixens Bank, “the top 10 opioid manufacturers are largely the same as the top 10 largest U.K. banks.”

“In many ways, the U.W.S., with its emphasis on finance, is the top destination for opioid addicts, with a large concentration in financial services,” the report says.

“In 2016, nearly two-thirds of the total opioid deaths in the U., D.C., and other U.N. countries were due to overdoses of opioid drugs.

This includes the UW’s pharmaceutical industry and the opioid manufacturing sector.”

The report says that opioid addiction is “increasingly seen as a public health issue in many countries, and a growing number of countries have taken measures to restrict the supply of opioids.”

Here are the 10 top 10: Aetna, Bank of America, CVS, JPMorgan Chase, Pfizer, UnitedHealth Group, Cigna, American Express, and UnitedHealthcare.

The report said that the top 5 are the banks that are in the top five among opioid addicts in the United States, with each of them owning at least one pharmacy.

These five companies have the highest concentration of opioid addicts among the 10 largest drug companies.

The top 5 opioid companies, according to the report: AETNA: $2.2 billion, followed by Wells Fargo: $1.9 billion, Bank Of America: $935 million, Citigroup: $722 million, JP Morgan Chase: $699 million, and Citigroup’s own subsidiary: $622 million.

Wells Fargo and Citibank are tied for second, at $5.2 and $5 billion, respectively.

JPMorgan Chase and Bank of Americia are tied at fourth and fifth, respectively, in opioid addiction.

The Bendixen Bank survey was conducted by Bendixenes Insights, a firm that tracks the financial markets.

The survey surveyed 1,000 U.U. residents ages 18 and older who are current opioid users.

The firm also polled 1,400 adults ages 21 and older.

It is not possible to verify the accuracy of the findings in the survey.

The full report is available here.

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