Hackers steal $7.5m from online brokerage firm

A hacker who took control of a brokerage firm’s financial industry research service was able to steal more than $7 million from the company, according to reports.

The hack of the brokerage firm, Equifax Inc, is the latest of several major cyberattacks to hit the financial services industry.

The attacks have caused billions of dollars in losses to U.S. banks and companies.

The Equifax hack is the most recent of several cyberattacks that have hit the U.N. and financial institutions.

It was first reported on Friday.

The attack targeted a company called Equifax that manages data about consumer financial information.

In addition to stealing money from Equifax, hackers took control over the company’s email system and its online sales tool, the reports said.

The company’s website was taken offline by hackers on Thursday.

The website is still online.

Equifax has said it was unable to provide a statement or comment to ABC News about the attack.

In a statement to ABCNews.com, Equippa Inc, which manages the Equifax account, said it is “working closely with Equifax and law enforcement” and that the company is “taking appropriate steps to mitigate any potential impact on our users.”

Equifax said it has suspended the service temporarily while it conducts a review.

“We take the security of our customers very seriously and we take any threat of cyberattack very seriously,” the statement said.

Equifax, which has faced similar threats in the past, has said that it has taken steps to make the company more secure.

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