Trump’s trade deal could cost $350B in Mexico: CNBC

President Donald Trump’s proposed U.S.-Mexico trade deal would cost the U.N. $350 billion, according to a report on Thursday from a trade group.

The report from the United Nations Development Program, which tracks global trade, showed the $350bn in trade would be generated from the U to Mexico alone and not from other countries.

The U.K. government estimates that the trade deal, which Trump has said he will sign before Christmas, would generate $150 billion in economic benefits to the U., the report said.

But it did not specify how much of that money would come from the Mexican peso, which would be pegged to the dollar and would be a major sticking point in the agreement.

Trump has said the U would get a fair deal in the deal and has said Mexico will pay more than it does under current U.R.s with the U, which could mean tariffs on U.V.s and other goods, including the U-Haul and U-Pass.