How to read the numbers for Italy’s Serie A title-chasing financial sector

With the final weeks of the season drawing to a close, it’s important to get a sense of the financial impact of the Serie A football season on the Italian economy.

In terms of revenues, the revenue from the television rights deals in Italy are worth €20 billion a season and €14 billion a year respectively, and this is up from the €13.6 billion a decade ago.

The biggest earners, the Serie B teams, are the Juventus and Milan teams, which are worth over €80 million each, and the Torino and Napoli teams are worth close to €60 million.

The biggest revenue-earning club in Serie A is Juventus, who earned €19.7 billion in the last season.

Juventus are also the only team in the top 20 teams to be in the Champions League every season, as they have won it seven times, but it is not without its share of troubles.

The Italian Football League has seen its share drop by 17.5% in the past year, which was largely due to the Champions and Europa League matches.

It is also down by 14% from the last financial year, and has been hit by a string of financial woes in the area.

The team’s share of the revenue has dropped from around 25% in 2011 to just 16.5%, with the clubs share in the overall revenue falling from 23% to just 15.4%.

In addition to these revenue drops, the league’s financial position has also been deteriorating.

Its share of revenue has declined from €2.4 billion in 2011, to €1.4 in 2012, and it has not been able to regain this ground in the following seasons.

The league’s commercial rights revenue fell by a further 17.1% to €2 billion in 2012 and has fallen again to €834 million in 2013, with the majority of the money coming from TV deals.

These have been a major source of revenue for the Serie C club, as the teams share of commercial revenue has fallen from just 8% to less than 5%.

In terms of TV deals, the largest revenue-producing club in the league is Napoli, who have the largest commercial deal at €40 million a year.

This is despite being relegated from Serie A in 2012-13.

The club, whose commercial deals are valued at around €5 billion, are now worth around €100 million, a drop of 14% on the €115 million that the previous season.

As the league continues to decline in popularity, the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) has started to focus on its financial health.

In February, the FIGC announced that it had increased its capital requirements to €600 million in order to make up for the drop in TV revenue.

The new financial demands will see the FIGP increase the annual operating expenditure by €1 billion in 2017, and also increase the amount of debt that the FIGA will be required to pay.

However, the increase in debt is unlikely to make much of a difference as the FIGCs revenue and profitability have remained unchanged.

The FIGC has also announced that its plans for the future will focus on expanding its revenue streams, and will be looking to increase its revenue from online streaming.

As of this season, the club is expected to reach €3.6 million per season, a 25% increase on last season, and is expected by the FIGS to reach around €9 million per year by 2020-21.

The FIGC is also working on plans to grow the club’s fan base, as a significant part of this will come from online streams.

The financial picture for the Italian football industry is not entirely clear.

The financials for the clubs in the Serie D and Serie E are not yet available.

However in terms of revenue, there are clear differences between the two leagues.

In Serie D, the big spenders are the Real Madrid and Paris St Germain, who are worth around $10 billion each.

In addition to this, there is a strong contingent of players from other clubs who have made their way to the club.

In contrast, Serie E is dominated by the smaller clubs, who earn around €3 million each.

The revenue generated by the commercial rights in Serie E, which include commercial deals for the club, are also very different to the revenue generated in the other two divisions of the sport.

In the other leagues, the biggest earners are the Serie E clubs, which earn €6 million in total and are up around 20% on last year.

In fact, they are up 30% from 2012.

In Serie A, however, the commercial revenue is a different story.

The major players are the top clubs, and their share of total revenue is around the same as in Serie D. The difference between the clubs is that the smaller teams, including Napoli and Torino, earn around the €4 million mark. In terms

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