How to buy an insurance policy that doesn’t require you to reveal your identity

When the first insurer offered financial industry employees an option to remain anonymous, the move prompted a surge in inquiries about how to get started, and some people were surprised to find out their work would soon be tracked.

As a result, the insurance industry is now pushing for an option that would require employees to sign nondisclosure agreements to get insurance coverage.

In a letter published Wednesday by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the industry’s top industry trade group, the industry is asking the government to “work with you and your industry to ensure that nondisclosed employment is not used to undermine the financial industry and the financial health of consumers.”

The industry also is asking for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to create a “privacy and integrity policy” that would prohibit insurers from requiring employees to share their personal information, or otherwise divulge personal information.

This could include identifying any personal information provided to employees and the names, social security numbers, birthdates, addresses and other information of any individuals who have been employed by a financial company, said Lori J. Glynn, executive director of NAIC.

The letter also asks HHS to make clear that employees will not be forced to reveal their identities when purchasing health insurance policies.

The NAIC is not the only industry group to support a nondisclosing policy, with a few notable names including the Association of Healthcare Providers (AHA) and the Association for Financial Technology (AFT).

The AHA has also pushed for a more specific policy to ensure companies are not using nondisclose agreements as a way to circumvent federal privacy rules.

The AFT is urging HHS to require that insurers use an opt-out mechanism to protect the privacy of customers and that the government take a strong stance on nondisposition.

The AMA, which represents more than 3 million financial industry workers, is pushing for the government and industry to make an opt out for all insurance policies, including those with non-disclosure clauses, which would require that a financial institution’s employees are not required to share personal information or provide any other personal information to a third party.

The National Association for Insurance Commissioners is a not-for-profit organization that represents the interests of the insurance and banking industries.

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Read more at The Hill”The federal government needs to make sure that the financial services industry and its employees know their privacy rights and can use the nondiscoverability provision to protect their privacy and to protect consumers,” said Janae Brown, president and CEO of the NAIC, in a statement.

“NAIC wants to make this clear to our industry that we stand behind them.”

A statement from the AHA said that nondiscrimination policies are a necessary and necessary part of protecting consumers.

“This is the time for all Americans to be able to access health insurance and financial services without fear of being tracked and targeted for a variety of discriminatory practices,” the statement said.”NAIC is in support of the efforts of the federal government and our industry to advance privacy and integrity standards in the financial sector.

We believe nondiscriminatory nondisposing policies can be an important tool to help ensure the financial security of consumers and the health of the American economy.”

The White House has said it has no plans to make any changes to federal health insurance rules.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters on Tuesday that the administration is “encouraging all industries to continue working to address the needs of the entire community and to ensure the integrity of our health insurance marketplace.”

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