What to know about the Anmol industries data breaches

Anmol Industries has revealed the scale of the data breaches at its Mumbai-based IT company, a financial management and business analytics firm.

Anmol said that in August, a hacker accessed the company’s network, stole data and stole its personal information, including email addresses and passwords.

The company’s CEO and chief financial officer, Amit Agarwal, was suspended on August 28.

The company said in a statement that in this instance, the data breach occurred after the company had been compromised.

Analink’s data breach had been reported to the government and the company is investigating the cause and the nature of the breach, the company said.

Analink was the first IT firm to breach the corporate database of Anmol.

According to Analankis chief financial analyst Amit Jain, the breach affected all Anmol employees.

“The data was leaked by a person who managed the security of the database,” Jain told The Times of India.

“We don’t know who was behind it and why it happened.”

In response to the breach at Analinks corporate database, the Maharashtra government launched a criminal investigation against the hacker and his accomplices, Analind Goyal and Rajan K. Goyal.

Anmol said in an interview that it is not possible to provide any further details about the breach as the investigation is still underway.

“I am not able to disclose the specific details as this is a criminal case,” Jains statement said.

Anolis management did not respond to a request for comment.

Anallyin said it is working with the government to trace the hacker’s activities.

The Indian cybersecurity community has been in a state of shock and grief following the hack.

In the past two weeks, hackers have attacked various financial institutions and corporate organisations in India.

The latest breach took place in December, when hackers breached a Mumbai-headquartered financial firm, Anolm Solutions, and stole personal data including the email addresses of nearly 3,000 employees, among other data.

The hack, dubbed The First Anonymous Hack, took place as Anolms chief financial and analytics director, Anmol Agarwall, was facing scrutiny from the Maharashtra cyber security agency.

Anil Kumar Gupta, a senior research fellow at security firm FireEye, said the breach could have been prevented if Analminis corporate database had been more secure.

“If Analm had more robust security measures in place, it could have prevented this,” he said.

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