What is the Fed’s stance on Bitcoin and how should investors respond?

Here are the most important questions to ask before you invest in Bitcoin:1.

Will the Fed raise rates?2.

Will Bitcoin be banned by the Fed?3.

Will there be an exit tax?4.

Will bitcoins be considered a commodity or currency?5.

Is Bitcoin an investment or a speculative instrument?6.

Will Bitcoins be traded on exchanges?7.

Will they be traded with a regulated market?8.

Will we be able to buy or sell bitcoins?9.

Will banks issue their own digital currency?10.

What is Bitcoin?11.

Will a Bitcoin ETF be created?12.

Will bitcoin be regulated?13.

Will fiat currencies like the dollar be regulated as well?14.

Will people be able purchase bitcoins directly with fiat currency?15.

How can I make a profit?16.

What are the risks associated with investing in Bitcoin?17.

What’s the market cap of Bitcoin?18.

What happens if Bitcoin is banned?19.

What should I know about Bitcoin?20.

Will I be able, in a short period of time, to withdraw bitcoins?21.

How do I buy bitcoins?22.

What does it mean when Bitcoin is referred to as a currency?23.

Will BTC be a hedge fund?24.

Will cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin be regulated like other assets?25.

Will MtGox be shut down?26.

What will happen if Bitcoin becomes worthless?27.

What do you need to know about the Bitcoin economy?28.

Will you lose money in the Bitcoin system?29.

Will it be possible to buy bitcoins in Bitcoin, but it’s not likely?30.

Will virtual currencies like Bitcoin become a viable alternative to traditional fiat currencies?31.

Will governments regulate virtual currencies?32.

Will digital currencies like Bitcoins be regulated similarly to other asset classes?33.

Can you invest bitcoins on the futures market?34.

What types of futures are there in Bitcoin futures markets?35.

Will futures contracts be subject to capital gains tax?36.

Will derivatives trading be prohibited?37.

What if I have to hold a Bitcoin investment?38.

Will any Bitcoin derivatives be issued by a regulated company?39.

What forms of Bitcoin derivatives are there?40.

Will crypto currencies like bitcoin become a currency or asset class?41.

Will an ETF be a vehicle for investment in Bitcoin or another crypto-currency?42.

Can Bitcoin be a financial product?43.

How much can you lose from investing in a Bitcoin loss?44.

How will bitcoins be regulated in the U.S.?45.

Will Coinbase be regulated under the Securities and Exchange Commission?46.

What constitutes a speculative investment in bitcoin?47.

Will companies that trade Bitcoin, such as exchanges, sell their own bitcoins?48.

How big is the Bitcoin market cap?49.

Will exchanges like Coinbase and Kraken become regulated like traditional financial institutions?50.

Will hedge funds like BlackRock and Fortress Investment Group become regulated?51.

What can Bitcoin investors expect from bitcoin futures?52.

What risks do hedge funds face?53.

Will U.K. regulators regulate virtual currency like other asset class or fiat currencies?