Fed chairman to meet with Trump on economic stimulus and trade

The Federal Reserve is planning to hold its first meeting with President Donald Trump on Tuesday to discuss a range of issues, including economic stimulus.

The Fed, which is meeting for the first time since its June meeting, will be in the U.S. for an event with Trump that’s being billed as a forum to discuss how to address economic issues.

The meeting comes as the Trump administration and congressional Republicans push to extend tax cuts, the first such measure since President Barack Obama left office.

The White House said the administration has “no intention” of expanding tax cuts to include the stimulus.

But a person briefed on the plans said that could change under the new administration, and could lead to more discussions about how to increase the economy and reduce the deficit.

Trump will also speak to the nation on Tuesday about his plan to expand access to prescription drugs for the poor.

The Fed is scheduled to hold a meeting with Trump at the White House on Tuesday.

The Federal Reserve’s president, Janet Yellen, is expected to give a speech to the U,S.

Conference of Mayors on Tuesday, the White Court announced.

Democrats have criticized Yellen for not meeting with the president, accusing him of “lack of transparency” about the meeting.

A White House official told reporters on Monday that Yellen has been “actively engaged” in the economy.

Trump has said that he wants the Fed to “run up a trillion-dollar deficit” and that he will cut taxes.

Congress approved a $1.1 trillion tax cut in April for businesses and corporations, but Trump’s budget released last month would eliminate the tax cuts.

Republicans have criticized the budget as a giveaway to the rich and vowed to fight the tax plan in Congress.